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Jayce Salloum

Jayce Salloum

Jayce Salloum CV, PDF file
Jayce Salloum on Vimeo

MKG Show Listing
+ Again and Again
+ a history of

+ location/dis-location(s):
   contingent promises

+ rockpaperscissors
+ location/dis-location(s)

Detail of location/dis-location(s): contingent promises, 2012

Salloumís practise exists within and between the personal, quotidian, local, and the trans-national. While he has lived in many locales Salloum currently resides in Vancouver, Canada. His work engages in an intimate subjectivity and discursive challenge while critically asserting itself in the perception of social manifestations and political realities. He has worked in installation, photography, drawing, performance, text & video since 1978, as well as curating exhibitions, conducting workshops, and coordinating a vast array of cultural projects. Salloum has exhibited pervasively at the widest range of local and international venues possible, from the smallest unnamed storefronts & community centres in his downtown eastside Vancouver neighbourhood to institutions such as the Musťe du Louvre, Paris; The Museum of Modern Art, New York; National Gallery of Canada; Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin; Centre Pompidou, Paris; CaixaForum, Barcelona; 8th Havana Biennial; 7th Sharjah Biennial; 15th Biennale Of Sydney; Museum Villa Stuck, Munich; Robert Flaherty Film Seminars; European Media Art Festival; Biennial of Moving Images, Geneva and the Rotterdam International Film Festival. His texts/work has been featured in many publications such as, Third Text, Documents, Framework, Fuse, Felix, Mix, Public, Pubic Culture, Semiotext(e), The Archive (Whitechapel, London/The MIT Press, 2006), Projecting Migration: Transcultural Documentary Practice (Wallflower Press, London, 2007), and Practical Dreamers: Conversations with Movie Artists, (Coach House Press, Toronto, 2008). Jayce Salloum: history of the present, a survey exhibition of 25 years of Salloumís practice is touring Canada until 2012, and the accompanying monograph was published last fall. Most recently his collaborative project on Afghanistan, the heart that has no love/pain/generosity is not a heart opened at the Royal Ontario Museum in spring 2010 and will travel internationally.

Writing by Jayce Salloum
+ sans titre/untitled: the video installation as an archive
+ representing the unrepresentable: there is no arab art

Articles and Reviews
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+ Materializing Meanings: Jayce Salloum's history of the present (selected works 1985-2009)
+ Jayce Salloum: history of the present
+ 'A Close and Unbreachable Distance': Witnessing Everything and Nothing
+ The Location of Lebanon Portraits and Places in the Videography of Jayce Salloum
+ jayce salloum everything and nothing and other works from the ongoing video installation 'untitled',

+ Citizen Salloum
+ Jayce Salloum: Archive of the Street
+ The New York Times Art in Review
+ Thirsting for Art - Megaphone Magazine
+ Pieces of the World: The Photography of Jayce Salloum - Muse, July/August 2016
+ Morceaux du monde: La photographie de Jayce Salloum - Muse, July/August 2016

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