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Risa Horowitz MKG127 Risa Horowitz

Imaging Saturn

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+ Imaging Saturn
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Risa Horowitz is a conceptual artist currently living in Regina, Saskatchewan, where she is assistant professor in the department of visual arts. Her art practice tends toward blurring the boundaries between expert-amateur, hobby-work, and leisure-productivity, and she has recently become an amateur astronomer and astro-photographer in order to collect images of the planet Saturn. For this long-term project Horowitz will capture one photograph of Saturn through a telescope for each year of the planet's orbit: 29.42 years. This year, with the support of a Media Arts grant from the Canada Council for the Arts, Horowitz is prototyping a kinetic sculpture of the planet that, with image recording devices, will depict its appearance throughout its orbit.

Horowitz has lived and worked in seven Canadian provinces as an artist, educator, writer, and gallery programmer. Her work has been exhibited across Canada in public galleries and artist-run-centres, and internationally in Australia, the United Kingdom, and in Ukraine. Horowitz has received numerous grants from the Canada Council for the Arts and several provincial funding bodies.


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