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Dean Drever MKG127 Dean Drever

Dean Drever CV, PDF file

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Pass the Hat, paper, 2013 Installation at Villa Toronto, Union Station

My work examines the effects and varieties of social and cultural forms of power, manifest as violence, both explicit and “invisible.” I am interested in interrogating the terrible and alluring spaces between domination and self-determination; between the social contract and individual freedom.

My work is deliberately seductive. Seamless, resolute lines and highly resolved surfaces are intended to invite the viewer’s desire to gaze. It is not the works themselves that are the site of discomfort, but rather the viewer’s tension between the desire to look and the desire to refuse recognition of complicity, comprehension, and arousal.

The objects provoke reflection on societal assumptions of what is “good” or “bad.” They offer a dialogue about the ways in which we are implicated in the act of bearing witness to violence of any kind. In the case of many of my pieces, the self is seen in beautifully rendered abstractions of social problematics.

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